WiseWork principles and underlying beliefs

As a result of implementing WiseWork…

  1. Work is done anywhere, at any time (unless proven otherwise)
    Give people freedom and choice and they will act responsibly
    Technology brings individual freedom if used effectively
    Flexibility can be offered without compromising job security
  2. Employees are valued for output not hours
    All work must have ‘outputs’ and ‘customers’
    Long hours working reduces productivity
    People respond positively to being thanked
  3. Individuals and teams are trusted to choose how they work
    People respond positively to being trusted
    Teamwork is much more than meetings
    People are more productive if they collaborate effectively
  4. Decisions are devolved to the lowest level
    People respond positively to a challenge
    Structures should be as flat as possible
    Good managers don’t hang on to power
  5. Bureaucracy is minimised
    People should have maximum control over their own lives
    Stress comes from a feeling of being out of control
    Technology should bring freedom of choice not constraints
  6. Work accommodates individual preferences
    Employers share responsibility for the work life balance of their workers
    Individuals know when they work best
    Happy and healthy workers are productive
  7. People are engaged
    Freedom to choose how to work increases productivity
    Autonomy leads to engagement
    Initiative should be encouraged